SwissMedEL is the acronym of Swiss Medical E-Learning.

SwissMedEL is the community of the e-learning coordinators of the Swiss Medical Faculties. SwissMedEL was founded in December 2004 in Bern. The members of Swissmedel meet regularly.

The main goals of SwissMedEL are:

  1. Networking: bringing people of the field together
  2. Sharing: information, experiences and resources
  3. Collaboration and joint initiatives
  4. Representation
  5. Quality improvement - Peer review - Evaluation
  6. Stimulate research & development of e-learning

Members of SwissMedEL:

  • David Boehler, Basel
  • Marco Feistmann, Zürich
  • Frederic Geoffroy, Geneva
  • Daniel Scherly, Geneva
  • Marc Sohrmann, Lausanne
  • Ulrich Woermann, Bern

Former Members of SwissMedEL:

  • Raphael Bonvin, Lausanne
  • Claudia Kiessling, Basel
  • Annette Langedijk, Zürich
  • Karen Pierer, Basel
  • Robert Suter, Basel
  • Pieter van Dijken, Lausanne
  • Patrick Jucker-Kupper, Lausanne