Medical E-Learning Resources with Open Access in Switzerland

Anatomy, Histology and Embryology

  • Atlas Bewegungsapparat (German, University of Zürich)
  • Topographische Anatomie (German and English, University of Zürich)
  • MorphoMed - Anatomy (German, University of Bern)
  • MorphoMed - Histology (German, University of Bern)
  • Virtual Microcope - Histology (French, University of Geneva)
  • WebMik - Histology (German and English, University of Zürich)
  • (French, German, English, developed by the universities of Fribourg, Lausanne and Bern with the support of the Swiss Virtual Campus )



  • Casimage (French, University of Geneva)
  • RadioSurf - Diagnostic Radiology of Skeleton (German, University of Bern)
  • RadioSurf - Diagnostic Radiology of Thorax (German, University of Bern)
  • PediRad - Diagnostic Radiology of Thorax in Children (German and English, University of Bern)
  • PediRad - Diagnostic Radiology of Skeleton in Children (German, University of Bern)


  • Kinderchirurgie online - Pediatric Surgery (German and English, University of Bern)
  • Plastische Chirurgie - gestern und heute (German, University of Bern)
  • Fingerkuppenamputation (German, University of Bern)


  • CliniSurf - Kardiologie - Herzauskultation und EKG (tutorial and quiz on heart auscultation and EKG, German, University of Bern)


  • Cystische Fibrose (German, University of Bern)


  • Gutartige Veränderungen der Brust (German, University of Bern)


  • CliniSurf - Opthalmologie (tutorial and quiz on fundoscopy, German, University of Bern)


Ear, Nose, Throat - ENT

  • Lärmbedingte Hörschäden (German, University of Bern)
  • Missbildungen im HNO-Bereich (German, University of Bern)

Infectious Diseases

  • TropEduWeb(English , University of Basel)
  • Malaria (German , University of Bern)
  • Virolab (French, University of Geneva)

Laboratory Medicine

General Medical Topics

  • Computers for Health - Information Literacy - Basic Imaging - Legal Aspects (AAI - French, University of Geneva)
  • Informationsbeschaffung - Information Retrieval (German, University of Zürich)
  • Medizinische Terminologie (German, University of Zürich)
  • Medizingeschichte - Bern und Schilddrüse (German, University of Bern)
  • Praktikum Biochemie (German, University of Zürich)
  • Form@tox - Addiction (French and German, University of Lausanne, Access only via AAI)
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