Joint Issue on e-Learning in the Journal Swiss Medical Informatics

Table of content

  • Editorial (U. Woermann)
  • Micropolis – Blending old and new for a rich experience in histology and pathology
    (R. Bonvin, M. Fiche, J.-P. Hornung)
  • Die Lernplattform PathoBasiliensis
    (K. Glatz, D. Glatz)
  • The Virtual Microscope: a powerful tool for learning and teaching
    (A. Wohlwend, G. Andrey, D. Scherly, P. Meda)
  • Enriching the curriculum with media (U. Woermann, M. Rolli, S. Tschanz, P. Eggli)
  • BolinOS – E-learning tools as an extension of open-source medical content online publication
    (T. Zand, J. Billet, Ch. Lovis)
  • VIPS (Virtual Internet Patient Simulation): paving the way from sound pedagogical design to popularity
    (V. A. Loroch, M.-A. Raetzo)
  • The Federated Identity Management System AAI – a critical success factor for medical E-learning in Zurich
    (P. Schnellmann, M. Luder, R. Jacquemai, A. Langedijk)

PDF of the SMI 56

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