Online Survey on IT-Equipment and IT-Use of Swiss Medical Students

From March to June 2006, the SwissMedEL group conducted a national online survey among the medical students of the five Swiss medical schools. The questionnaire was developped within the SwissMedEL group and revised by collaborators of the Institute for Medical Education IML.

The main goals of the survey are:

  1. To collect data on students’ IT needs for further planning of the IT infrastructure provided by the universities
  2. To collect data on students' IT use and IT equipment including mobile phones and MP3-players for planning the future delivery of e-learning resources
  3. To study the effect of the different IT infrastructures of the five medical schools on their students IT use and IT equipment

A total of 5159 medical students (including the students of dental medicine of the first two years) were invited by e-mail to fill out the online survey. 2031 students answered the survey, resulting in a response rate of 40%.

Additionally, data on the present IT-infrastructure provided by the university for medical students was collected.

Important. These data belong to SwissMedEL and the universities of Basel, Bern, Geneva, Lausanne and Zürich. They may only be used or published with a written permission of SwissMedEL. Any use for comercial purposes is illegal.

The tool used for this online survey was SurveyMonkey.